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    LifeChain was held this past Sunday in various cities across North America. Toronto's event is usually like the others; peaceful, prayerful and silent. Well, let's just say the pro-lifers are usually silent. The pro-abortion passersbys are known to spew insults and hurl vitriol at pro-lifers. I recall as a teen being yelled at "You should have been aborted!" Pro-abortion supporters aren't a classy bunch, are they! How can they be? When they advocate violence, how can they themselves be peaceful?

    You can understand my horror when I read in the news that a woman at a Toronto LifeChain location was attacked by a knife-wielding man. This unknown bystander grabbed her hair, smacked her on the ground, kicked and punched the woman repeatedly. After the woman yelled for cops and ran to take cover, the attacker then pulled out a knife. Thankfully, a fellow pro-lifer shielded the woman when the man came hunting for her. She is now recovering at home after being discharged from a Toronto hospital. According to the news story, the police took a video statement.

    I'm trying not to have a Justin Trudeau moment when I ask, what are the root causes of this man's sudden attack on this pro-life woman? Was he a victim of abortion? Did he force a pregnant woman to abort their child? Did he drive friend to an abortion clinic? Is he suffering from post-abortion syndrome? Was this pro-lifer a reminder of something in his past? I don't know. What I do know is that violence against pro-lifers is becoming a regular occurrence, and this is simply terrifying.


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    UPDATED AT 7:00PM: Life Site News is reporting Detective Remo D’antonio of the Toronto Police Service is confirming Michael Panagapko of Toronto has been arrested and charged with three counts of assault, one count of assault with a weapon, and one count of wielding a dangerous weapon.

    TORONTO, October 9, 2013 ( - A Toronto woman has been discharged from hospital and is recovering from her injuries after a knife-wielding man allegedly assaulted her at a pro-life demonstration on Sunday afternoon.

    As in previous years, Faye Arellano, a mother of two children, gladly helped coordinate a LifeChain just outside Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church in Toronto. This year, however, was unlike her previous experiences. The normally silent, peaceful and prayerful pro-life demonstration turned violent when an unknown passerby suddenly attacked Ms. Arellano as she was crossing the street to speak with participants.

    The alleged attacker followed Ms. Arellano and proceeded to throw the contents of his water bottle in her face, followed by the bottle itself. The alleged assailant then grabbed Ms. Arellano by her hair, threw her to the ground, and proceeded to kick and punch her repeatedly. During the alleged battery, Ms. Arellano screamed for someone to notify the police. 
    File photo courtesy of The Interim

    Speaking with Ms. Arellano today, who is recovering from her injuries, she said she instinctively knew to cover her head, close her eyes and block the blows. When her alleged attacker stopped and tried to walk away, Ms. Arellano grabbed his jacket to prevent him from escaping. “I didn't want him get away. The police were going to come and I had to keep him there.” At that point, the alleged assailant drew an estimated 6-inch knife from his jacket and tried to attack with his weapon. Thankfully, another man who happened to be walking by shielded Ms. Arellano and the alleged attacker lost interest.  Upon police arrival on scene, the alleged attacker went to an adjacent alleyway and hid his knife. He was then apprehended by police. Ms. Arellano then disclosed to police that her alleged attacker hid his knife in the alleyway.

    While in police custody at the scene of the alleged assault, the alleged assailant attempted to once again lunge at the victim.

    "In Canada, I never thought I'd be a victim of violence while standing up for the unborn," Ms. Arellano shared. Despite the trauma of the alleged attack, Ms. Arellano's commitment to the pro-life cause hasn't been dampened. "The pain, the violence, and the disregard for human life is so real. It shouldn't happen to any human being, no matter what stage of development you are in."

    The alleged assailant has been apprehended and charged with assault with a weapon.The alleged attacker has been ordered to stay at least 500 metres from Ms. Arellano and from the mid-town Toronto intersection where the attack occurred.

    This is not the first of such attacks on pro-lifers in Toronto. In July, Alissa Golob of Campaign Life Coalition was attacked by a pub owner while chalking pro-life slogans on the sidewalk. 

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    We're so fortunate to have Sun News Network and its talented journalists working to share news the mainstream media willfully excludes. Please watch the clip below to see Michael Coren and me discuss the brutal attack of Faye Arellano, a pro-life woman who attended a Life Chain demonstration peacefully protesting abortion in Toronto, Canada. The video also depicts four other assaults and/or infringements of freedom of speech of pro-life demonstrators which have recently occurred in Canada. Finally, a special note to Faye for her bravery in defending the unborn. Countless people wish you a full recovery from your injuries and this traumatic attack.

    Video stills of pro-lifers being assaulted for their pro-life views.
    Both incidents took place in Canada.

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  • 10/11/13--06:28: A Knight in shining armour
  • Josue Gauran in Knights of Columbus regalia.
    Photo courtesy of Life Site News
    Life Site News has written an excellent piece on the brave man who ran to protect pro-life assault victim Faye Arellano this past Sunday in Toronto.  Mr. Josue Gauran, 60,  a Knight of Columbus, is the man who decided to help Arellano. He, too, sustained injuries after Michael Panagapko of Toronto allegedly  attacked Arellano, at one point producing a 6 inch blade, and Guaran who ran to her rescue.

     A new piece of information has come from Life Site News's latest piece:

    "Waving his knife, the attacker shouted racist words: 'You Filipinos, you want this?' Gauran recounted."

    Racism, targeted attacks, hate speech, violence, and quashing freedoms of speech and peaceful assembly in Toronto, Canada; welcome to the pro-abortion tactics of 2013, everyone.

    Please be sure to check-out Life Site News for the full scoop.

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    I'm not a fan of national daycare programs. Brian Lilley of Sun News Network invited me onto his show this week to express my views in light of a special report by the Globe and Mail bemoaning a lack of a national day care program.

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    Universal daycare has been forced into the spotlight, thanks to a special six part Globe & Mail feature this past week. Selective media outlets has been wrought with discussion of a national daycare program here in Canada. This is the part where my eyes roll.

    The suggestion that the government should further meddle in family life is truly puzzling to me. I don't espouse socialist tendencies like others of my generation, so reliance on state is completely foreign to me. Families already have enough government interference with various policies, such as taxing parents for a schools system even though they use independent schools or homeschool, and taxation disincentives for stay-at-home parenting. There mere fact that income splitting hasn't been introduced as tax policy is burdensome to families with a stay-at-home parent. Now the drums are beating for even further tax burden on families via government interference in daycare.

    After reading the multi-day editorial activist series, I threw my newspapers for recycling with great delight. I wanted to shred all the whimpering and whining of minority opinion parents featured in the series. One mother highlighted how 70% of her pay goes to daycare. She's a lawyer by  the way. Another decried the lack of niche institutional daycare spots in her urban centre.

    If 70% of your income is going to daycare, then you have two options: A) stay-at-home, mind the kids yourself, scrimp and save, or B) MMM: Make More Money. Yet, it appears a third option is being trumpeted these days -ask someone else to foot the bill.

    The fact that a small group of parents feel that taxpayers ought to foot their multi-billion dollar daycare tab is truly disturbing. Why do some parents feel entitled to "free" daycare? Fact: daycare costs money. Fact: in some urban centres in the Canada, competition for niche daycare can be stiff. Will there be a guaranteed space for an enviro-conscious parented child in a daycare where alfalfa snacks are served and crystal infused water is de rigueur? The solution for this is not a national, taxpayer funded, institutional daycare program. The solution is to support families in their own decisions through policy which accurate reflects the reality in Canada.

    recent poll revealed that 76% of Canadians believe that it is better for a child under six to be at home with a parent. Even I was surprised that the results are so high. Perhaps this is because I live in a major urban centre where few parents stay home with their children. Maybe this is the case because of burdensome tax rates. However, just a few kilometers away in the suburbs, stay-at-home parenting is abundant. Parents sacrifice their time, money, careers, (and sometimes sanity!) to help their children adjust to the world.

    If 76% of Canadians feel this way, then why doesn't the government implement policy which reflects this reality? Why is the Globe & Mail trumpeting a national daycare program when clearly, the country doesn't want/need it? Spare me the editorial activism.

    Let parents choose what's best for their children, not the government and surely not the Globe & Mail. Forcing a one-size fits all national daycare program on families is not only unreflective of parents' needs, it's also reckless. Parents deserve choice on this matter and governments ought not usurp them.

    I could go on and on about this issue. And I will. Prepare for vitriol in the coming weeks.

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    Now that the Globe & Mail has taken a valium for its national daycare hysteria, perhaps cooler heads will prevail.

    I have previously expressed that a national daycare program is unnecessary and tramples on parental choice. However, some of you have written to me arguing that a national program would help low-income families. Certainly, I support a helping families who have hit hard times, but is a national daycare program the solution? Looking at Quebec's system, clearly not.

    Quebec, which brags about its subsidized $7/day daycare program, ought to take a closer look at who their subsidized program is actually helping. Predictably, research shows that with the roll-out of $7/day daycare, demand for subsidized spots has skyrocketed- and not among lower income families.

    Parents who would have previously stayed at home are now incentivized by low daycare costs to return to work. Stay-at-home mothers are enrolling their children in the system simply because it is so cheap. the majority of families using the system earn more than $60,000. Families with relatively lower income (between $25,000-$40,000) are in worse financial shape than before this program was created. Not only are these families competing with an influx of wealthier families seeking subsidized spots, but they are burdened with heavier taxes. Additionally, a subsidized program creates unfair competition to private operators, and ultimately puts them out of business, resulting in reduced parental choice. Now lower-income families face increased competition for fewer daycare spots, while enjoying an increased tax burden. How's that for a helping hand!

    If governments truly wants to help lower-income families cope with child care, then institute a voucher system for those who qualify. Don't burden these families with higher taxes to pay for an expensive daycare program for higher classes who really don't need it. Don't ghettoize lower-income families by forcing them into a subsidized daycare program for those of similar means. Perhaps the government ought to consider supporting parental choice for lower-income families by offering the voucher credit toward a parent who wants to stay at home with their child. Research shows that 76% of Canadians believe it is best for children under 6 to be at home with a parent, so perhaps the government ought to help low-income families realize this.

    Ultimately, offering a national daycare program will not help lower-income families; it will create more demand for an expensive program, ultimately putting lower-income families in a worse financial position than before.

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    I have exciting news to share! has officially launched. 

    This will be my last post on my Blogspot account, and I'll officially retire the account in the new year. Thanks to the communications and web design genius of Cal Creative Communications for eye catching layout and design and exceeding my every expectation!  Check them out for all your PR, web design and social media needs.


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