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Families & Christmas- come one, come all!

Having many kids was all the norm a few generations ago years ago. Queen Victoria had nine children, forty-two grandchildren, and eighty-six great-grandchildren. Robert F. Kennedy had eleven kids before being assasinated at age forty-three. And slowly, we're seeing larger families become more popular again. The Duggars have nineteen born children. Heck even Brangelina have a brood of six, a feat for anyone in Hollywood. I imagine Christmas at any one of these homes (or castles) would be a large and boisterous affair.

Well I, too, come from a large family. And between my siblings and I, we have created 10 grandkids (and counting). So Christmases in my childhood home, and now my home, are always a wonderful opportunity for all of us to come together to celebrate Christ's birth and the gift of family.

Last year, we hosted the family Christmas dinner which included fifteen adults and ten children under the age of five. It was a joyous affair, and a busy one as you can imagine with all those people in our home. But I don't like the comments guests and others make, for instance "Wow, what a lovely and quiet Christmas we had this year- I like it much better than a big get-together."

Well to that I say: families come in all shapes and sizes, and if you don't like it, decline the invitation. But don't be a guest in a large-family home and then serve a back-handed insult like that. What would they prefer? That a sibling be excluded? Or perhaps one of the kids shouldhave been aborted? Or that Someone euthanize one of the elderly grandparents?

Making negative comments like the one I listed above are just hurtful. The sad part is that I hear comments made like this all the time during my workday. At the grocery store, at the office, at the kids' park. It's the typical anti-family sentiment that has been pervading our culture since the 60's.

Now I'm not suggesting that larger families are better than smaller ones. Not at all. But if you can't pull it together and celebrate as a whole family, big or small, for one day then why even bother having a family at all.

Perhaps, if these folks come from larger families they may have learned how to be more polite and courteous to one another. Because if you were to hurl a grenade like that, you'd get at least a few siblings setting you straight.

An old adage comes to mind: If you shake the tree, be prepared to rake the leaves.

Well, you shook. Now go rake!


NRA vs. Obama

Gun control has been the topic du jour since the awful massacre at the Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. Politicians, columnists, media personalities are all clamouring for their five minutes to reverberate their position on the matter.

This is nothing new. Every time there's a gun crime in the US the debate flame is fanned. But this is the first time in my memory that such swift, and in my opinion, drastic measures are being carried out, dictator-stylez. Top down, from el Presidente himself. Well technically Biden is involved, but I'm not sure if he counts for anything.

I don't support murder, by gun, knife, choke-hold or by any other means. But I do support self-defence. I pay taxes to hire police officers to defend me, but that doesn't mean that I don't/won't defend myself when necessary. And if the perps get to have guns to attack me, well then I ought to be able to have access to them myself. And apparently, so does the President.

The NRA has just released an ad calling Obama an "elitist hypocrite" because of the armed security    detail he has for his two daughters, but disagrees with it for schools. Clever! And it makes you think- they're right. How consistent is it that Obama doesn't want armed guards at schools and yet his kids get to have them for their protection? Now, I agree that his children are at a constant higher threat level being the President's daughters and all. But is it really fair to ban guns from well-meaning Americans who, like the President, just want to keep the bad guys away from their kids?

If the President really wants to be the author (or dictator) of change, perhaps he should start with a crime ban, not a gun ban. Good luck with that!

The toddlers and tiara culture

What has happend to little girls? If you just stand on a busy city block you'll see 2 year olds getting mani-pedis with their mom's, toddlers dressed up in leather skirts with their midriffs bare, and kids in pleather boots and fishnet stockings. Perhaps you are OK with this, but for me, this strikes a nerve.

AndI think I've found the culprit.

I recently caught a few minutes of the infamous Toddlers & Tiaras show. Here's what I heard:

"This is her Sex and the City outfit. She's in Samantha mode. I'm ecstatic over the outfit. It does have some sheer in the midriff, but hopefully people will not be calling her 'prosti-tot' again."
Mother of Paisley, age 3, prior to tot dancing to Lady Gaga which included a strip segment.

Can you all please re-read that quote. Prosti-tot. Really? Did a seemingly normal suburban mom just causually speak that sentence? Surely, she is an annomaly. Nope. All of the families and friends on this show are pretty much the same phenotype. You have the over-aggressive, insecure yet seemingly happy housewife; the weak and quiet father who never reigns in any of this maddness; the gay pageant consultant who is more like a cheerleader on crack; and perhaps a few siblings who are either just as nuts as their mother, or are dragged there against their will. But the main ring-leader here is definitely the mom.

Afterall someone has to take charge of all the aspects that go into making a toddler worthy of a tiara. Just check out Honey Boo Boo`s before and after pics:

[IMG](photo taken from examiner.com)

But it's the mom who hires the spray tanner, the wig-maker and the consultants. It's the mom who buys the flippers (false teeth), the stripper dresses, the false eyelashes, the mani-pedis. It's the mom who gets the kids to consume the sugar packets, the Red Bull and the pixie stix so that their daughters can strut their stuff enthusiastically on stage.

Yes folks, here's the culprit. The mom who not just allows, but leads the oversexualization of her very own daughter, as the father stands by idly. And what breaks my heart is that this is celebrated.

Since when is dressing up your toddler to look like a prostitute warrant praise? Why do moms have to go for mother-daughter pedicures just to spend time together. Why do parents think that forcing your child into a frilly tutu and getting her to dance provocatively on stage a good thing. And why are parents shocked when these little girls grow up to become teen moms and start sleeping around at age 13? (Oh, and in case you've been asleep under a rock, both of these behaviours are celebrated now as well.)

C'mon moms- get it together! Get some therapy for your insecurity instead of projecting it onto your little ones. Don't lead your daughter down a path where she learns to see herself only as a performer and sexually objectify herself. Afterall, if your child is being called "prosti-tot", don't you think there may be a problem here?

A Perversion of the Constitution

On Inauguration Monday, I happend to tune into satellite radio just as Obama was starting his speech. I think I managed to survive the first two minutes before I felt a large knot in my stomach. You see, the day after the public inauguration festivities marked the 40th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, the law that made abortion legal in the US. I couldn't help but cringe at how selective the President was in interpreting the unalienable rights enshrined in the Constitution. The specific rights to which I'm referring are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

And this is where the Right to Life (RTL) movement in the US is rooted- in the constituion! And it's so pathetic that the POTUS who is supposed to be the chief defender of these rights, is said to be the most pro-abortion president to date. How can anyone say that they stand for the the unalienable right to life, while at the same time aggressively enact policies that kill unborn babies. And how ignorant are the American people who voted for this man to be the defender of this right. And it's especially alarmaing since President Obama is half-black, and touts this fact proudly. His black ancestors fought so hard to be free from slavery, for their own right to life, and yet a hundred and fifty years later (almost to the date!) a president of their own colour is enslaving a whole other class of humans. Disgusting!

How can the US Constitution be misconstrued like this? Why aren't Americans outraged at the blatant disregard of such an important document? How much longer will the American people remain asleep at the switch, while Obama and his renegade administration continue to chip away at American rights? And when they finally awake, will it be too late?

Well I'm awake and I've had my coffee.

The Fat about Combatting Obesity

I'm not sure what happened to civilization in the past decade. OK, that was a loaded opener. A lot has happened.

What I mean is that I don't know when obesity became a big problem, or when it became a trendy condition against which to combat. Perhaps it had to do with the Oprah movie Precious with the morbidly obese Gabourey Sidibe as the protagonist.

According to the Ontario Medical Association, obesity costs taxpayers around $2.5 billion a year. In the US, the CDC puts the national cost somewhere around $147 billion. Perhaps that's because more than one third of US adults are obese. We Canadians don't seem to have as much of a problem with obesity...at least not yet.

How did this happen? And why is it soooo trendy to campaign against obesity? Is it because Michelle Obama is championing the cause, a condition which has the highest incidence among African Americans? Is obesity the new cause du jour like AIDS was in the 90s?
 I disagree with most of these campaigns. It's one thing to put out nutritional information to educate people on what to eat and how to prepare food. However, I strongly believe that when people are motivated to get active and to eat right they will.

When citizens are responsible for their own health costs, they'll generally try to stay healthy. When people are forced to be on a budget, they'll learn that making a homemade pot of chicken noodle soup is actually cheaper than buying a can of Cambells or Chunky. How do I know this? Because I and a billion people around the world do it everyday. Cooking from scratch with inexpensive, yet healthy, ingredients is the way to stretch your dollar. But clearly Americans don't feel the need to stretch their dollar. And why should they? The ATM, ahem, the Government, is handing it out for free. When you're flush with free cash and free health care, why put the effort into health, exercise, and non-convenience food.

Oh, I can just hear the chorus of negative nancies now: "But poor people can't afford a gym membership!" Well, if you have legs, then go for a mile walk. Take some of those cans of high-sodium baked beans and use them as free-weights. My point? If there's a will, there's a way. The problem is there is no will, and the government encourages no will by giving Americans endless hand-outs instead of a hand up. And a hand up would come in the form of a one-day course on eating healthy, exercising and capping it off with utilizing all that free-time on cooking from scratch. Oh and cut the benefits- health and otherwise.

Oh yes, I'm so awful, aren't I? I'm suggesting that people do for themselves, instead of relying on the government. And that folks, is how you solve the obesity problem. Yes, you have people do for themselves.

So please, Mrs. Obama, save the country the millions you're blowing on combatting obesity with your go-nowhere campaign, and get your husband to shut the money tap. It's time for America to get moving Again....and without you two.

Pope Benedict XVI stepping down!?!?!?!

WOW! I didn't see that one coming. I know His Holiness is getting up there in years and shepherding 1.2 billion people has to be a huge job. I'm still in shock...

Pope Benedict XVI, Thank you!

Today, as Pope Benedict XVI formally abdicates the Seat of Peter, I find myself overwhelmed with emotion. I feel gratitude for Pope Benedict because he did such an amazing job shepherding us Catholics, and the whole world. He shared with us his quiet wisdom with encyclicals like Deus Caritas Est. He helped clean up the mess with the sex abuse scandals by imposing tighter protocols, firm consequences, and offering love and reconciliation to the victims. His Holiness reached out to the Muslims, the Orthodox, the Jews. He even welcomed back over one hundred Anglican Priests to the Church, married and all! He has done so many wonderful things to unite the Church and the world.

I recall the first pictures of him as Pope, and my being elated that it was Cardinal Ratzinger who was chosen. I liked his manner and I thought he would be great to fill Pope John Paul's shoes. And speaking of shoes, how about his famous red shoes (and, no, contrary to popular belief they are not Prada! They are made by a Vatican cobbler).

I will miss seeing Pope Benedict in the news- I really will. However, the silver lining in all of this is that we will be blessed in having Pope Benedict dedicate the remainder of his life to praying for the entire world. How awesome is that?! So we get a new Pope shepherding us, and a Pope Emeritus constantly praying for us. What a deal!

So farewell Papa, and thank you, thank you, thank you!

Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) continued...

As follow up to my previous post, check out this great article by Theresa Yoshioka which was published in February's The Interim. And check out my letter to the editor as published in March's issue:

Thank you, thank you, thank you for Theresa Yoshioka's article on Hyperemisis
Gravidarum, or HG. ("When coffee breath hinders and saltines don't help," February) The lack of medical and societal support for mothers suffering through this condition is truly awful. The isolation in dealing with this illness is incredible. I had this condition for seven months during each of my three pregnancies, and I can understand how an HG mother would be driven over the edge, to the point to even consider killing her baby. Thank you for highlighting another way pro-lifers can help support mothers and their unborn children.

It had been several years since I had written a letter to the editor. Nothing like vomit to bring me out of the woodwork!

Tanya Granic Allen Appearance on Michael Coren's Arena


Yesterday I had the pleasure of appearing on The Arena with Michael Coren on Sun News Network in my role as Archdiocese of Toronto spokeswoman during the Papal conclave. Be sure to check-out the video below.

The Vulgar Left


I've started to notice a trend. Left-wing, female, media personalities are becoming quite vulgar in their attack against conservative women.  Sociologically, I understand that women tend to compete with one another for attention and therefore, tend to "cut" each other up. However, this new level of vulgarity is just- well- vulgar!

Today, Lisa Lampanelli tweeted a disgusting remark against Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter. It's so awful that I actually can't rewrite it here. The always colourful Joy Behar certainly hurls more than her fair share of vitriol against conservative women.

These outbursts make me notice that it's always the left-wing women who act uncivilized. And what's worse? They get away with it! Do you think the liberal media would ever admonish one of their own? A quick internet search will show you the answer is a resounding 'no.' But if the tables were turned, and it were Sarah Palin hurling obscenities, you can be certain that the media would demand her head. In the words of Sarah Palin, you betchya!

As it is said, profanity is the last refuge of the ignorant.

And the Vulgar Left Continues...

I posted earlier about the vulgarity of the uncivilized left and this seems to be a more prevalent theme than I had first considered. In yet another example, this time a recent protest took place on the University of Waterloo's campus.

Stephen Woodworth, a Canadian MP and invited guest speaker, was in the middle of delivering a lecture on  his legislative efforts on the study of the definition of a human being, when he was interrupted by a gang of protesters led by a walking, human vagina named Vulveeta. That's right! Some male university student felt the need to flex his muscle of free speech (and trample on another's) by dressing up as a vagina, giving his costume a name, and hurling obscenities.

Also included in the vulgar entourage was a female student carrying a placard which read "If you cut off my repro-choice, I will cut off yours," with a drawing of scissors. This threat of violence happened in front of the campus police who just stood there and acted like showpieces.

The campus police should have removed the hateful and violence-inciting protesters. This gang made violent threats, spewed hate, and trampled on another citizen's rights. Isn't threatening to mutilate another persons genitalia considered a threat of violence anymore? What about our infamous hate law- do the campus police feel these protesters should be exempt from it? Clearly they do because the police's action was not against the protesters, rather solely against the speaker when they asked Mr. Woodworth to leave "for his own safety". What a load of garbage! The campus police took the easy way out and chose not to do their job. They should have upheld campus safety and dealt with the hateful, violence-inciting protesters. The police should have asked the giant vagina to leave, not the civilized MP. If they couldn't handle the job, they should have called the real police.

Based on my experience with protests, whenever the left comes out to rally, my vulgar-meter goes through the roof. What you hear and see are threats of violence, profane language, protesters wearing disgusting costumes, and/or little to no clothing. This protest had all of the above.

Given the incivility of this gang of students, the campus police and administration should have had the courage to do the right thing, and not allow freedom of speech to be boiled down to who shouts the loudest or is the most vulgar.

(PS: Where did this guy get such a costume? Did he make the thing specifically for this occasion? Or does one keep a six foot vagina costume on hand for such occasions?)

Welcome, Pope Francis! Now pray for the haters.


I was very happy to watch the live TV coverage of the conclave last week. I was equally happy to welcome Pope Francis who has charmed the world with his gentle smile and humble nature. However, it seems that not everyone in the world is rejoicing. The Pope hadn't been installed yet and the haters had already come out of the woodwork. Big surprise!

There have been some grabby headlines this past week attacking Pope Francis' past when he was a priest in Buenos Aires. There have also been headlines declaring that Pope Francis does not support gay marriage, adoption, abortion, contraception, women priests etc.

I cannot speak to the Pope's time as a priest in Buenos Aires. However, it should come as absolutely no surprise that the Pope is not in support of gay marriage, gay adoption, abortion etc. No Pope would ever be elected who is in support of these things because, frankly, they are simply not in  keeping with the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church. In case you forgot, the Pope is the leader of the Catholic Church so it's a good idea he support what he represents. The Church will not budge on these issues. Not now, not ever.

So all of you haters out there, get over it and go pick on (or lobby) some other religion. I heard the Muslims just stoned another woman- go attack them. Leave the new Pope alone!

A Tale of Two Butchers: Gosnell & Magnotta

There are two murder trials happening right now which have caught my attention: the trial of Luka Magnotta in Canada, and the one of Dr. Kermit Gosnell in the US.

Both men butchered humans, severed body parts, and even bragged about it.

A year ago, headlines around the world announced the manhunt for Canada's cannibal killer, Luka Magnotta. This killer butchered an innocent man, filmed the entire ordeal and uploaded it to an internet site for the world to see. Then Mr. Magnotta mailed the severed body parts to various people across Canada, including Jenni Byrne of the Conservative Party of Canada. He is a young man who had a troubled upbringing, allegedly suffered abuse at at the hand of his own grandmother, he was a porn star, a stripper and an escort. He killed kittens. He murdered one man...that we know of.

Dr. Gosnell is an older man who ran two multi-million dollar abortion clinics. He violated several state laws in the way he ran his clinic. He stripped, restrained and forced an abortion on a teenager after she changed her mind. He illegally dispensed thousands of prescriptions out of his clinic, in particular oxycodone, which is why the authorities raided his business in the first place. It was at that point that Gosnell's " House of Horrors" was discovered. He's a medical doctor who made his fortune by killing thousands of unborn babies, one woman, and eight born babies...that we know of.

Magnotta is charged with first-degree murder, among other charges. Gosnell is charged with eight counts of first-degree murder, among other charges.

They are both on trial for murder, so what's the problem? My issue is the lack of media attention for the Gosnell case, and the thousands of unborn victims who go unrecognized.

We know that Magnotta killed at least one person. However, we know Gosnell killed thousands, yet he is only facing eight counts of murder charges. Gosnell is only culpable for the deaths of the babies who managed to take two breaths before he expertly snipped their heads with scissors. Never mind the thousands in utero to whom he did the same; nah- who cares about those babies. Let's only pay attention to the ones who had the privilege of living a few seconds longer, and then got the scissors snip to the skull. When will Gosnell see his day in court for those voiceless victims?

Where's the media? It seems that every tv news outlet outside of Fox news and Sun News is avoiding covering the Gosnell case. Yet, Magnotta is getting his sought-after international media attention, with papers around the world covering every detail of his case. Most of the coverage I've seen gives more sympathy to the kittens Magnotta killed than the thousands of unborn and born babies Gosnel killed. Where's the equality? Where's the outrage? People are calling for Magnotta's head, but it appears that south of the border, the media and the public seem OK with a mass-murderer hiding behind his medical doctor's degree.

Oh wait, there was one piece of outrage regarding the Gosnell case- it was a story blaming the pro-lifers for protesting at clinics, the government for not having ease of access for abortion, and society for not being pro-choice enough. The media is blaming everyone except the butcher himself and the culture of death that gives Gosnell the power over life and death. It's simply disingenuous to blame the pro-lifers for "forcing" women to the seediest abortion clinic in town. With that story the media has hit yet another low. Nice to see the media can take its head out of the sand and come up with that trash.

So yes, this is the tale of two butchers, but only one is getting his true day in the media and in court.

Prayers for a Peaceful Easter

"At Easter, Prepare for Disaster." Those are the words of the Muslim Renewal, the group behind the assassination of Father Evarest Mushi.  According to news reports, this group is preparing to kill many more Christians, and burn churches and homes in East Africa. All of this violence at the holiest time of year for the soon-to-be victims.

For some Muslims, it is considered holy and good to wage jihad on the kafirs (war on the infidels). And what better time to attack Christians than during Easter, when they all gather to remember Christ's death, and celebrate His resurrection. I wonder, do these Muslims believe they will receive a bigger reward for killing Christians during Easter? (An extra virgin, perhaps?)

After all, who can forget the Netanya massacre, where a Hamas-organized suicide bomber killed 30 and injured 140, all during the Passover Seder. Or the infamous Christmas Eve Massacre, where Coptic Christians were gunned down upon exiting the church after Christmas Eve Liturgy.

Several years ago, my family hosted a Catholic seminarian who was studying for the priesthood in Jerusalem. This young man gave his personal account of the intense rise in violence against the Jews during their high holidays, and the Christians during theirs. Rocks were hurled through the seminary windows, and the seminarians studied as threats of violence escalated.

As Christians gather for prayer during these next few days, let us pray for the those around the world whose lives are threatened just because of their beliefs. Also, let us pray for the Muslims who threatened to carry out these acts of violence; that they may have a change of heart, and show love instead of hate.

Snuffing out democracy and the girls

Last week's drama with MP Mark Warawa's motion in the sub-committee and the House of Commons was truly eye-opening for a few reasons. Firstly, we witnessed for ourselves how desperate the governing party is to keep a tight grip on their MPs and how little regard it has for democracy. Secondly, we saw how little regard the Government and left-leaning ideologues have for the lives of the little girls who are aborted because they were just that- girls.

(taken from lifechoice.net.au)
Now onto the matter of sex-selected abortion. It's outrageous. During my time at the United Nations a decade ago, this topic was discussed because of India and China's obsession with aborting baby girls. Now it has finally come to the surface in Canada. In fairness, China's obsession with aborting baby girls stems from their brutal one-child policy, which the UN has supported since 1978. Although Canada doesn't have such a policy, we still have sex-selected abortion. According to an Abingdon Research poll, 27% of respondents believe this happens in their cultural community.

In case you didn't know- I'm not for abortion. Whether a baby is aborted because she is a girl, has down syndrome, or is an unplanned pregnancy makes no difference to me. But in the current climate of "Because I'm a Girl" campaigns and female empowerment, I can understand the public outcry specifically against sex-selected abortion, or gendercide as it is infamously called. After all, according to an Environics poll, 92% of Canadians said they would like sex-selected discrimination against girls made illegal. So why can't the governement allow a discussion on killing baby girls? What is it so afraid of? Oh right, the government doesn't like that nasty abortion word.

And where is Rona Ambrose, the Canadian Minister of the Status of Women? Shouldn't she be speaking up for the girls? Ambrose has wavered on this matter and stated she supports Cabinet. Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't the Minister responsible for girls be standing up for all girls, not just some girls? Isn't her portfolio niche enough without adding further encumbrances?

This has been another sad day for democracy. And all Because I'm a Girl.

The Coptic Crisis in Egypt

I never fear for my life when I go to Church. I have never been anxious exiting Church for fear of a drive-by shooting. I have never felt that I would have to barricade myself inside a church to protect myself from mobs spewing hate, throwing teargas, and spraying bullets from an apartment balcony. But Coptic Christians living in Egypt fear these things everyday, and most recently this past Sunday.

On Sunday, media reports emerged that Copts in Cairo had to barricade themselves inside St. Marks Cathedral to protect themselves from an enraged, Muslim mob. Why? The Copts were holding a funeral service for four victims who were killed by an angry mob of Muslims (not unusual for them).

What you may not know, is that St. Mark's is the main cathedral for Copts in Egypt, and it is where the Coptic Pope is established, like the Vatican for Catholics. Therefore an attack on St. Mark's is considered by many as an attack against Pope Tawadros II.

News reports and eyewitness accounts tell us that police stood by and did nothing while Molotov cocktails where hurled over the wall surrounding the cathedral.

What makes me angrier about the violence is the way the media skews its reporting. Headlines like "Clash erupts in Christian Cathedral" are inaccurate. How can one consider an attack on a funeral procession a "clash"? Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't a clash when two group attack and fight one another? I hardly believe pallbearers processing in a cathedral have the capacity to attack a mob while carrying a casket.

In the last few days, Pope Tawadros has been openly critical (rightfully so!) of this latest incident in a string of violence against his people. I guess you could say he's had it with Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood regime's empty promises to protect Copts, and yet blame the Copts when the body count starts to rise. How convenient for Morsi! I wonder how he sleeps at night.

Copt Christians are enormously brave people. They represent the largest Christian denomination in the Middle East, and account for 10% of the population of Egypt. This number was previously higher but because of violence against Copts, many have fled. Everyday they walk along the streets, they risk being a victim of violence simply because of their beliefs. As I have previously posted, Copts were killed by drive-by gunmen as the former were exiting Christmas Eve Mass. I have heard stories of Coptic women being kidnapped, drugged, raped, and forced to convert to Islam.

Will there ever be peace for the Copts in Egypt? A quick review of the headlines of the past decade sadly indicate it is an unlikely possibility. While Copts held-out hope for a fresh start with the Arab Spring of 2010, the Muslim militants appear to be increasing in numbers and zeal ever since the Muslim Brotherhood took over the government. Unless the Islamist regime in Egypt recognize the Copts as equal citizens with the right to practice their religion, afforded with equal protection and rights, there will never be peace. I'm afraid these "clashes" will become more common in the future.

When is it Too Young to Teach Kids Gay BDSM?

Yes, you read that correctly.

The other morning, when travelling along A busy Toronto street, I stumbled upon this window display belonging to the infamous store, The Condom Shack. I had to do a double-take.

Initially, I thought the store was displaying a typical Easter scene with two fluffy bunnies. Had my children been present they would have been so excited to see two cuddly bunnies playing. Upon closer examination, what initally seemed like an innocent festive display was actually homosexual BDSM (bondage, discipline/dominance, submission/sadism, masochism).

The picture clearly depicts two pink, plush, female bunnies, one with a flower behind her ear, and the other with a strap-on penis in the form of a carrot. One of the bunnies is bent over and handcuffed in an obvious sexual pose while the strap-on bunny seems to be "doing it" from behind while celebrating. Just...WOW!

Aside from all of the wrong in this picture, the most disturbing thing is that it is obviously luring to children. By using giant, stuffed, cuddly bunnies, children eager to celebrate the Easter season are immediately drawn to the display. Until the awkward questions ensue.

Who put this together and thought this could possibly be a good idea?

Outrage doesn't quite touch my feelings on this display. I can't believe this needs to be stated, but as a parent, I'm very careful to shield my kids from erotica (as I hope all parents do). Where is Advertising Standards Canada? Where is the application of the advertising regulation for children? While the government has been diligent in limiting sugary drink and salty snack advertising advertising to children, I'm inclined to believe these pale in comparison to gay BDSM for children.
So I ask you again, when is it too young to teach children gay BDSM?

I will be contacting the owners of this store to have this offensive display removed. I'll keep you posted.

Justin Trudeau: Method Acting on an International Stage?

Fresh from his Liberal Party of Canada leadership win, Justin Trudeau decided to make some of his first comments regarding international affairs be ones of empathy with terrorists. No, seriously; here's what Le Dauphin had to say in the hours following the Boston Marathon bombingsin an interview with Peter Mansbridge of the CBC.

Trudeau replied, after saying he would offer help and condolences, that "over the coming days" it would be necessary to "look at root causes." He continued, "We don't know if it was terrorism, or a single crazy, or a domestic issue or a foreign issue — all those questions. But there is no question that this happened because of someone who feels completely excluded, someone who feels completely at war with innocence, at war with society." Trudeau finished by saying that it was important not to "marginalize people even further who already feel like they are enemies of society rather than people who have hope for the future."

Root causes? Feels excluded? In the face of tragedy, Justin Trudeau believes it is important to avoid the inconvenience of innocent victims, and instead empathize with terrorists and their precious feelings. Who cares if the terrorist felt marginalized? I'd ordinarily intend that as a rhetorical question, but in this case, the answer is actually Justin Trudeau, Liberal Party of Canada leader! 

Trudeau is minimizing this tragedy as if this incident were a temper tantrum thrown by one of his kids or former students. "Oh poor child, he is obviously acting out. Why is he acting out? We must help identify the root causes!" The people who took a pressure cooker, intentionally filled it with nails, and detonated it injuring nearly two hundred and killing at least three, are not children; they are adults who made a series of decisions and took deliberate actions to harm and murder. By claiming that the perputrator feels "excluded" by society, Trudeau has put the blame squarely on the victims' shoulders; victims like Martin Richards, the eight year-old who was eagerly waiting to give his father a hug at the finish line when the explosion occurred. Martin is now dead, and I'm pretty certain his father doesn't give a damn if the terrorist who murdered his child felt excluded.

In making these utterly absurd comments, perhaps Justin felt compelled to draw upon his experience as a highschool drama teacher and TV movie actor and try method acting. I can just picture him now: "Hmmmm...now if I just blew up innocent people with a pressure-cooker nail bomb, how would I feel? What are the root causes for my feeling excluded?" Is this his reason for speaking and thinking this nonsense?
(Actual photo of Mrs. Justin Trudeau from The Globe & Mail)
If Justin wants to help out he should show some empathy for the victims and stop the touchy-feely, hold-hands-and-sing-kumbaya-with-the-terrorists nonsense. Afterall, this isn't his wife`s yoga class.

Flushing the Charges in the Gosnell Trial

(Warning- content is gruesome, because that's what abortion is!)

In case you missed it today, the judge presiding over the Kermit Gosnell trial dropped 9 charges which includes 3 murder charges, one count of infanticide, and five counts of abuse of a corpse. FYI, Gosnell liked to keep dead baby parts in jars, perhaps as a token. This is how the "abuse of a corpse" charges relate.

Kermit Gosnell
As I've previously posted, Gosnell is not standing trial for the thousands of unborn babies he killed, just the ones who lived a few seconds longer and survived the dismemberment. And now, even of the seven born babies who were killed with a quick snip of the neck with scissors, three of them don't count either.

Why were the three murder charges, and one infanticide charges dropped? The defense argued for acquittal for lack of evidence that the babies were actually born alive (read Gosnell killed them properly on the first attempt). So a baby who was found swimming in a toilet, trying to get out isn't considered alive? I 've read Gosnell was bad at record-keeping, but please don't let him off the hook because he didn't keep track of which babies he killed before they breathed, and which ones after.

Is anyone noticing a trend here? First the unborn babies count for nothing, then the born babies count for nothing. Isn't this the slippery slope the pro-life movement warned us about decades ago?

freezer at the Gosnell clinic where aborted baby parts were found
At least some of the mainstream media has started covering the case. It only took a concerted twitter effort and over 100,000 tweets to grab their attention. Unfortunately, the head-in-the-sand behavior returned this week.

I am holding out hope that Gosnell will be convicted of the remaining charges. At least one of the thousands of babies killed has to be recognized.

A President, a Hipster, and an Abortion Factory Walk into a Bar...

Planned Parenthood of America (PPA) is hosting its annual Time for Care gala dinner tonight. Initially, PPA announced that President Obama was going to deliver the keynote speech- quelle surprise! In case you didn't know, Obama is a staunch supporter of all things Planned Parenthood. However, it seems that Obama's handler's smartened up and realized that delivering a keynote address to a bunch of abortion crazed folks, while abortionist Gosnell is facing the death penalty for his trade, would probably look bad. Don't worry; Obama is still giving a speech to PPA on the Friday morning. Perhaps his handlers didn't smarten up very much after all.
President Barack Obama hugs Cecile Richards, president of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, after she introduced the president at a campaign event where he spoke about choice facing women in the election rally. • Image: AP
Aside from delivered speeches, PPA will also present The Maggie Award for Media Excellence to Lena Dunham for her efforts in the area of...well, abortion. There was the fundraising, the Obama YouTube endorsement, oh and let's not forget her vulgar show Girls, where sex is on demand and abortions are scheduled without a second thought.

How cozy of PPA to want to partner up Lena and Obama again. Obama is indebted to Lena for her hipster endorsement during the campaign, and Lena is indebted to Obama for funding PPA which helps perpetuate the promiscuous culture from where her fans derive. A match made in heaven, I dare say!

(Oh and I did say it. Check out my blogpost from October when Lena Dunham's ad/endorsement initially appeared.)

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